Veneering and laminating

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Due to semi-retirement this course is no longer offered.

However, you may find the series of free to watch online instructional videos below helpful.

Developing the techniques of veneering and laminating enables the woodworker to create strong curved forms and decorative surfaces, thus opening up new design opportunities. On this course we learnt how to joint and lay veneers, including decorative burrs, and also how to create and use curved formers in lamination.


Course description  Mastering the skills of veneering and laminating greatly extends the design possibilities available to the furniture maker. The advent of relatively cheap vacuum press systems has brought these techniques within the range of the hobby furniture make, and this course is designed to give the skills to tackle this useful technique.

Exploration of these techniques will be based around the making of a curved stool similar to that pictured above. The pictured stool is in walnut and masur birch. The course piece will be in cherry and poplar burr, there is scope for varying veneers used, but this may have material cost implications. In cherry and poplar burr the material cost is £50.

Skills Acquired

  • Veneer selection
  • Jointing veneers
  • Choice of substrate and preparation
  • Flattening buckled veneer
  • Laying veneer using the caul method and vacuum press
  • Lipping and stringing
  • Making formers for lamination
  • Choice of lamination materials
  • Manipulation of curved forms

Watch free instructional videos featuring topics covered on this veneering & laminating course

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