New donation to Kids Club Kampala.

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Yesterday I transferred £3644 to Kids Club Kampala. This brings the total donated to the charity in the past two years to £6728. This money is raised from course students donations to the voluntary course levy plus my matched funding. So a big thank you to all those students who have contributed, you are helping to make a difference for the poorest children in Kampala. You can find out more about how your donation is used by visiting the Kids Club Kampala web site.

You may be wondering why I am supporting this charity. There is actually a link to the woodworking courses. KCK runs a project teaching carpentry to some of the young people in the slums of Kampala. This project can play a big part in helping them to climb out of the poverty trap. Some of the donations fund this project, we also send out three starter kits of refurbished tools for the students to keep on graduation. The planes and chisels in the kits will have been refurbished on one of my courses.

I like the idea that we have a link with fellow woodworkers in a far away country.

Here’s a short video of the early days of the project.

And here are the first proud graduates.

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