The Joy of Planing on the Radio.

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I mentioned some time ago that I recorded an item for Radio 4’s Saturday Live. It was a short item about my enjoyment of planing. I was pleased when it was broadcast last Saturday to find that one of my heroes, Grayson Perry, was the main guest on the show.

The item was about how most of my work involves using machines, but I enjoy it when the machines are off and I can work with hand tools, the plane being my favourite. There is a great satisfaction in working with a really sharp well set plane. When everything is right you can concentrate entirely on the work and applying your skill entirely to the craft without having to worry about the performance of the tool. As Grayson Perry said your concentration is entirely on the contact of the tool with the wood. What some people call being “in the zone”.

Many people have trouble sharpening tools. Part of the problem is recognizing when the blunt, often they struggle on thinking the problem is with them, when actually it’s with the tool. Sharpening is just about method and using a good sharpening media. Many people who come on my courses are astonished at the improvement in the performance of tools they have been struggling with for years.

If you would like to hear the item you can find it on iplayer here . If you are in a hurry it’s about 13 minutes in, although Grayson Perry is always worth a listen.

Thanks to everyone who has commented on the item.

May the Zone be with you!

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