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In July and August I like to stop my regular courses and invite people into my workshop for some special woodwork tuition. The aim is to give people of varying abilities the chance to work on a particular project or skill which cannot be catered for in my usual courses. This usually makes for some interesting teaching and this summer was no exception. Here’s a taster of some of the things that have been happening in the workshop this summer.

A chair in need of TLC

A chair in need of TLC

Bernard came along with a seriously ill Victorian upholstered easy chair in rosewood. As it’s in rosewood the work required to restore it is worthwhile. Bernard is keen to learn new restoration techniques so we are also treating it as a learning piece. A new semi circlular base had to be built up, new pieces spliced into the rosewood crest rail and curved decorative beads and facings applied. Work on the piece is not complete so Bernard will be working on it occasionally in the next few months.


Andrew on his (almost) finished chair.

Andrew is a fairly experienced woodworker, but he has never made a chair. Designing and making chairs is one of the biggest challenges in furniture making. Andrew wanted to try making a chair based on a design of mine which appeared in a magazine some years ago. He almost completed his chair, all except for gluing up. He also left with a set of jigs and templates that he had made. These will enable him to make further chairs to complete the set. He also gained the confidence to adapt his skills to  new designs.

Working the ends with router sled.

Working the ends with router sled.

Simon came on special tuition last summer when he made a curved top jewellery box. This summer he worked on a blanket box in walnut with curved sides. Forming the sides and fitting the lid were the main challenges on this project. Simon shaped the sides by running a router on a sled between two curved templates, a technique that worked extremely well.

Gerry wanted help with routing so he came on a one day special tuition where we looked at various aspects of the router, especially using it in a router table. Gerry found the day useful, he commented

 “…thank you for providing me with a most interesting one-day special tuition course… I really enjoyed the time with you and have come away with much food for thought. In addition to the core programme, I also found useful our discussions concerning ‘peripheral’ matters, such as the construction of the router table, how to reduce burning at the end of the cut, the use of two fences and the many more tips you passed on to me during the day”

You can find out more about special tuition here or ring Chris on 01943 602836 to discuss your requirements.

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