Sam and Mike’s chairs

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In 2016 Sam and Mike attended my chair making course. They both completed two very nice chairs and also left with not only lots of new skills but also a full set of jigs and templates and a full sized workshop drawing to make more chairs.

Mike contacted me earlier in the year to say that he was starting three more chairs to accompany the one he made on the course. These would be without arms, unlike the one made on the course. As they were armless they could be reduced in width slightly, armed chairs are usually wider mainly so your bum can fit between the arms when sitting. The reduction in width did not affect the use of the jigs and formers from the course, all Mike had to do was remember how he had worked with them! I must say he has made a splendid job of them.

Set of four chairs
set of four chairs

Sam in the meantime has taken his chair making to the next level. He is a professional furniture maker based in the Peak district and attended the course to get an insight into the complexities of jointed chair making. He is now offering the VM chair (the design we make on the course) for sale on his web site, but he has also developed his own design for a stylish “easy” chair.

His Leaf chair was recently exhibited and well received at the prestigious Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design in Cheltenham. The design draws on many of the elements he learned on the course including compound jointing and Danish cord weaving. I did comment to him that he was a brave man to take on so much cord weaving, he replied that his fingers are sore and his mind numb!

Visit Sam’s web site to find out more about his chairs and other work.

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