Router feed direction

When using the router, both by hand and in the router table, feed direction is critical. Using the wrong feed direction leads to an untidy cut and can also be dangerous.

In this article I give some tips on router feed direction.

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  1. Hi Chris, firstly thanks for the informative articles. I was readingyour piece on router saftey shortly after looking at Bill Hydon’s book on the router table. The picture you show of the rabeted grove seems to picture widening the groove on the unsafe side ( which you mention in the article)? I have been trying to work out what Bill’s book touched upon, really meant in practice, so more than happy to be put right,

    Kindesr regards,


    • Hi Mark

      Thanks for the comment. It prompted me to re-read the article. I can see that the picture could be ambiguous, it’s actually showing the wrong way to widen a groove.

      By the way, apologies for the picture quality on these articles, my techie guy says google have changed the way the images are displayed, hence the poor quality. On recent articles I now use a different method for loading them which gives better quality but it’s more long winded to download.