Review of Hammer A3 31 planer thicknesser

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Articles, Newsletter articles | One Comment

When I set up my workshop in Ilkley I swapped to single phase supply and needed a new P/T I chose the Hammer A3 31 here’s a review of it’s performance.

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Thankyou, Chris.


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1 Comment

  1. tarek ammar
    22nd November 2014

    Thank you Chris, this is an invaluable review to me as a hobby worker with little knowledge of these machines.
    All the information available before I read your review of the Hammer was recommending the Sedgwick and Wadkin with the provisory note that the Sedgwick is crudely made and the wadkins are too old now.
    This information has set my mind on purchasing a hammer even if I have to wait some more months before I have the full price.
    Dr Tarek Ammar
    Retired Consultant Anaesthetist and hobby wood worker


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