Nick’s chair, table and stool

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Nick came on my beginners course about three years ago and followed it up with bench making the following year. He is also now a regular at my Thursday evening class. His woodwork has come on in leaps and bounds and he now works fairly autonomously, my main inputs are to do with design choices and some technical considerations. After receiving the input Nick just gets on with it!

His most recent project has been this Scandinavian influenced set in oak. He started with the chair which was quite a learning experience,dealing with the angles and also forming and fitting the rockers. Notice the way the profiling of the chair frame is dealt with at the joints, the frame being cut away to leave the  mortice surface proud.  A difficult piece well executed. After the chair the stool was a lot easier and to finish the set came the table.

All in all an excellent and well thought through collection. Nice dog too!

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Thankyou, Chris.


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