New beginners/improvers course.

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I’ve been working on an exciting new course based around making a low book case. The project can be adapted so that the course will be suitable for both beginners and improvers. I recently completed the prototype which looks fantastic

The book case is made entirely in the solid (oak in the prototype) except for the top which may be burr veneered with rosewood and boxwood inlay. For the improvers construction will include dovetailed carcase joints and the veneered and inlayed top. The jointing will be simplified for the beginners, just biscuiting, and they will have a solid top.

This course allows great flexibility, the beginners will learn:

  • Tool sharpening.
  • Basic jointing by hand.
  • Use of biscuit and domino jointers.
  • Edge jointing boards.
  • Principles of wood movement.
  • Gluing up and clamping.
  • Sanding and finishing.

For the improver there will also be:

  • Laying out and jointing veneers.
  • Laying veneer using cauls (ie clamping between boards).
  • Cutting and fitting inlay.
  • Dovetailing a carcase.

I’m quite excited about this course, the mix of beginners and intermediate should make for an interesting event and the bookcase also looks wonderful.

I’m scheduling the first course for 26th -30th November. Check here for more details.


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