Mike’s chair

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In 2015 Mike attended my first chair making course where he made this chair based on a design by the Swedish designer Vidar Malmsten. This is my most advanced course and Mike rose to the challenge admirably often bringing his engineer’s brain to bear on some of the problems that cropped up along the way. He made an excellent job of a very challenging design.

The chair is in ash with a Danish cord seat and a soap finish. Soap is a popular finish in some Scandinavian countries, I like it because it is  very low key   allowing the texture of the wood to show through. The design is quite tricky with many subtle curves and angles, so careful setting out was required at the start. Mike has not told me if he has gone on to make a set!

Actually Mike was not a stranger to my workshop, the previous year he attended my bench making course, as you can see.

Woodwork bench and maker

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