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students graduate from KCK carpentry course

Tools for craft workers in the developing world

I have been interested in development issues for over 40 years. As a professional woodworker I have a special interest in the problems of craft workers in the developing world and the difficulty in accessing good quality tools. For many years I have worked with charities which work to provide good refurbished tools to craftsmen in the villages and townships of Africa. Previously this was with Tools for Self Reliance and more recently Ilkley Tools for Africa and Workaid.

Why Kids Club Kampala

In order to create a more direct connection between my business and craftspeople in Africa I have established a link with Kids Club Kampala (KCK). This is a charity originally set up to work with children in the slums of Kampala but it has grown until it now works with over 4,000 children and women in 18 communities across Uganda. My interest is in a carpentry training project which they have established in Kampala. The training gives young men from the slum valuable skills which will help lift them out of poverty. I like this organisation’s community based ethos, it seems a very practical solution to the problem of poverty in Africa, hence my wish to support it.

Watch the videos below to see the carpentry training centre in action and the practical help that support like ours is providing for young African carpenters.

How together we can help

The support will be at a very practical level but will need some funding to achieve:

  • Students on the beginners and tool sharpening and maintenance courses work hard to refurbish planes and chisels which I purchase on ebay. Some students buy the tools at the end of the course to use in their own workshop, but many do not, leaving me with good refurbished tools. These will be sent out to Kampala as kits to be given to students graduating from the project as seen in the first video below. The kits will be supplemented by other tools either purchased new or from Ilkley Tools for Africa.
  • I will request from students a 5% voluntary levy on course fees. These contributions will be used to purchase additional tools for the kits, for instance sharpening stones, and to finance the transportation of the tools to Uganda.
  • I will match each student donation pound for pound.

Although KCK is a very young organisation (I believe most of those involved are under 30) I like it’s vibrant grass roots approach. I hope you agree and will help support it.

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For more information about Kids Club Kampala visit the website at

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