Andrew Goyder

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“Please find attached photographic evidence that it is indeed done and I am delighted by the result. I did try shaping the first seat I made, but it didn’t look right at all after a lot of unnecessary routing and sanding, so I had to make another. The flat seat with the angle is very comfortable, especially as the back gives so much support. My wife admitted she though it was going to be a thing of beauty but never so comfortable. It now has pride of place at the head of the kitchen table.

I would never have got there without your design and guidance. Given that working on my own, mistakes and problems easily dispirit me so that I put project aside for a while, the week in your workshop easily spanned a good 4-6 months of my normal progress. I gained a lot from my mistakes and the puzzling things out with your assistance as I feel you helped me ponder and master the challenges rather than supply a pre-prepared solution. So the format was a great way for me to learn, though it certainly doesn’t make your life easy! “

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