Project 2 – Skeleton Shelves

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Make These Skeleton Shelves

resources for the project described in my book ‘Complete Woodworking’.

how to make shelves like these skeleton shelvesFirst of all an admission! I have spotted an error in the text, the cutting list in the book specifies the length of the middle shelf at 1324mm it should be 1224mm.

Although you do need to be careful cutting the joints on this project the actual construction is fairly straight forward. However before your start you must check that the wall the shelves will be fitted to is fairly straight as any deviation may make fitting tricky.

You may find that clamping is a problem. As mentioned in the book some clamps can be joined end to end to increase clamping length.

Another option is to use clamping heads fitted to wooden shafts. I remember using some made by Paramo many years ago when I first started in woodwork. Unfortunately the Paramo ones are no longer produced, these ones from Faithful look similar but are of inferior design.

The Paramo ones come up on Ebay occasionally and are worth snapping up.

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