Project 3 – Side Table

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Make This Side Table

resources for the project described in my book ‘Complete Woodworking’.

make this side tableThis is the project that we do on my four day beginners course, in fact we complete the table in two days. We cut four of the mortice and tenons using the router, the other four joints are done with a domino jointer.

When fitting the mortice and tenons you have to be quite meticulous about cleaning up the shoulders of the tenons. You will be surprised how the slightest doming where the tenon was cut away for the end shoulders will lead to a gap between shoulder and mortice piece.

Cleaning up the sawn surface of the leg taper can be difficult. The plane will rock at the point where the taper meets top surface near the joint. Assuming you are planing from the top of the leg down (although sometimes the gain direction may mean planing the other way) you need to press down firmly on the front knob at the start of the cut to  “tell” the plane it should be cutting on the tapered plane. If you don’t you get little ridges across the face at the start where the plane has rocked on the angle.

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