Classes start in new workshop.

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Andy helps Bev with gluing up

Andy helps Bev with gluing up

This weekend I taught my first course at The Cornmill. This was a four day Beginners Make a Table course. We made some very fine oak tables and, judging by the smiles on the faces of the students as they left on Monday evening, it was a good experience. For those whose work keeps them behind a desk all day these courses can be quite tiring, but also very satisfying. I believe that everyone has a creative instinct and satisfying that instinct at the workbench can be a liberating experience.

Not only did I teach the four day course over a long weekend I followed it up with the start of my weekly classes on Tuesday afternoons and evenings. These are classes for a wide range of abilities, from those for whom woodwork is a distant school memory to the keen amateur maker. They will mix instruction on techniques with work on individual projects. Based on first impressions I have two very enthusiastic groups, I am quite optimistic about these classes. There is one place still available on the evening class.

It’s only when you start working in a workshop that you get to know it’s idiosyncracies.
Although the workshop has plenty of natural light I have found the artificial light is a bit lacking, so I will be increasing the lighting considerably, especially in the bench area. Other than that I am pleased with the way the workshop is developing.

Lot's of natural light in the new workshop.

Lot’s of natural light in the new workshop.5031192_orig


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