Carpenter’s Hat

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Last weekend we had a trip to London, which happened to coincide with one of the V&A ‘Friday Late’ events (last Friday in every month).

This particular Friday the focus was on Furniture – how about that for timing !  There were lots of things going on, some of which I may come back to in a later blog, including a chance to look around the newly-opened Furniture Gallery. The Gallery isn’t huge, but has pieces illustrating the most significant styles and trends in furniture design.  I mentioned an interesting contemporary piece on my Facebook page, although not many others seemed to share my interest !

One of the less highbrow parts of the evening involved learning how to make a ‘Carpenter’s Hat’ – as modeled by myself in the photo !  I wasn’t actually aware that carpenters wore hats, but apparently in the 18th and 19th centuries many tradesmen – notably masons, carpenters and printers – wore box-like, folded paper hats to protect their hair from dust and grime.  These were immortalized by Tenniel in the drawing in ‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’.  If you fancy having a go yourself, the instructions are at.


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