The Campaign for slow dovetails – How to Cut Lap Dovetails

Posted by on Aug 11, 2014 in Newsletter articles | 2 Comments

This second article in my “Campaign for Slow Dovetails” series deals with cutting lap dovetails.

It’s developed from the handout for my Basic skills part III course which teaches both through and lap dovetails.

My Draw Fitting & Dovetailing Course

will also help you

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Thankyou, Chris.



  1. Chris Walker
    14th August 2014

    Chris ,
    Thanks for this timely article on lap dovetailing. Its a greater reminder as I am about to embark on a set of three drawers for a replacement hall side table; all to be done with plane, saw and chisels. Incidentally I bought a couple of second hand chisels at last years Harrogate show so I can grind them left and right handed skews to get into the lapped pin corners.

    • admin
      20th August 2014

      Hi Chris
      |Thanks for the comment. It’s a good move to grind your own skews, certainly cheaper. Also I find the skews on sale are usually too skewed, making them very pointy, so much so that you could almost stab right through the lap if you are not careful!


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