Bernard’s table and tray.

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Bernard has been attending my Tuesday evening class for two or three years now. He had some woodworking experience before starting. The first piece he tackled was this nice American Arts and Crafts style coffee table in oak. In this picture you can just see in the background a Stickley chair, so clearly Bernard has an interest in American arts and crafts. I particularly like on his table the well executed wedged through mortice and tenons and also the slight arched effect inside the legs.

Bernards next project was a complete change of tact, this marquetry tea tray. The table design was taken from a book. Bernard came up with this lovely design himself. The tray frame and handles are walnut. The ground and sky veneers are oak and maple and the tree canopy is in various burr veneers which I can’t remember.

He is currently working on a cradle for his grand child, so watch this space.

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