Back to plan A.

Posted by on Jul 31, 2019 in Blog | 3 Comments

In my last blog I announced that Jonathan Greenwood would be taking over my courses when I retire in March. Unfortunately Jonathan has decided not to proceed with this after all. This is quite disappointing as I have seen while he has been shadowing me that he is an excellent teacher who I would have trusted to maintain the high standard that I have developed for the courses over the years.

So it’s back to plan A, finding a community workshop that would be interested in taking tools and benches when I wind up the workshop. I will also be holding a closing down sale to clear a lot of the odds and ends one accumulates in over thirty years of woodworking. I will announce the date in a subsequent blog and also in my newsletter.

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Thankyou, Chris.



  1. Ben Cooper
    31st October 2019

    Hi Chris,

    This is a great shame – I was looking forward to booking on to a Beginners course in 2020. As all your courses are now full, are you able to direct interested students to alternative course providers with similarly high standards?

    Kind regards,


    • Chris
      1st November 2019

      Hi Ben.

      Sorry to disappoint you but I have to draw the line somewhere and there are fish waiting for me to catch them! I don’t know of any courses locally, further afield you could try the Peter Sefton School of Woodwork down in Worcestershire, Peter is a well known and respected woodworker and teacher. You could also try Waters and Acland in Staveley in the Lake District, they work to a very high standard as can be seen from the furniture that comes from their workshop and that standard extends to their teaching. They are a bit more pricey than Peter S.

      Hope that helps.


    • Chris
      13th February 2020

      Hi Ben

      There has been another change of plan (I think it’s plan C now!). I will be semi retiring in April and will continue to teach the beginners course until April 2021. There are places free after June if you haven’t been able to find anything elsewhere.



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