Woodwork afternoon class

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Due to my retirement this course is no longer offered.

However, you may find the series of free to watch online instructional videos helpful.

Course description  This class is the same as the evening class but runs in the afternoon !

For novices, the course will start with sessions on sharpening and maintenance of tools. You will then go on to practice some basic joint-cutting just to get familiar with using the newly sharpened tools.  After this four week introduction you will start working on your own project under Chris’ supervision with instruction in additional techniques introduced as required.  For those with more experience, the initial introductory sessions can be omitted.

Students will have access to all the equipment of the Cornmill workshop after full instruction on the safe use of each machine.

Limiting the number of students to six means that the tuition in the class is quite intensive, with not too much waiting to speak to the tutor. However, the numbers are high enough for some esprit de corps to develop.

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