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“Can confidently use the router now.

Great course, excellent tuition, the workshop has a very nice atmosphere to it making each day a pleasure. It helps not being at work.”

Router Skills course

Mick Robinson

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“Thanks to Chris for his patience, even when we made mistakes he was able to see a way round them.

I am now far more confident to attempt and know how to set up the router for different projects.”

Router Skills course

Bernard Brabin

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“Brilliantly provided course – greatly appreciated”.

Router skills.

Mike Woods

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“Genuinely very impressed with this course. An excellent combination of theory, new skills and practical elements.

The versatility of the router as a tool is tremendous and it was an excellent project designed to bring out the versatility and usefulness of the router.

The table design and complexity provided an interesting and diverse challenge and kept interest alive throughout. I particularly liked the teaching side- effective overview held balanced with a superb attention to detail and sensitive astute guidance throughout. I never felt on my own but had plenty of opportunity to get on with it myself.

Variations/mistakes/deviations were positively turned into opportunities and challenges – so plenty of lateral thinking.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learning and could not recommend the course more highly. “

Router Skills