Wood finishing course

Wood finishing course

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Last weekend I taught a wood finishing weekend. These weekends are quite tricky to organise as to a good finish usually requires at least three coats and with the drying time on oil finishes especially this can be tricky to achieve. We looked at applying two different oil finishes, an acrylic lacquer, a wax finish and traditional French polishing. We also covered various methods of colouring wood and surface preparation.

The two basic elements of good finishing are diligent surface preparation and applying the finish in a number of very thin coats rather than a few thick ones. During the course we prepared a number of surfaces so they were perfectly smooth with no blemishes. This preparation starts with a very well sharpened and set plane, possibly a cabinet scraper if the wood is “difficult” and various abrasive media and methods.

Applying a number of thin coats is achieved in different ways depending on the finish. With an oiled finish such as Danish oil or a hard wax oil it involves applying the finish fairly liberally, but then, after a short period, being quite meticulous in rubbing off any residue thus leaving a fine increment of finish.