Eight essentials of band saw safety.

Eight essentials of band saw safety.

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One of my early students from when I first started teaching at my own workshop, about five or six years ago, emailed me the other day with a rather gruesome picture of a finger injury that he sustained while working on his band saw. So I thought a little piece on band saw safety might be appropriate.

Many people, including myself, get a bit slapdash about the band saw, it’s quite quiet and doesn’t run very fast, so it seems fairly benign. True, the band saw does not run at the velocity of the circular saw or spindle moulder, so it is not so likely to throw the wood back at you. But it can still cut your finger off!

A lot of workshop accidents come about because something unexpected happens, I suppose this is true by definition. For instance the saw hits a crack so it cuts a lot faster than you expected and runs into your thumb which you would have moved out of the way in normal circumstances.