Router table accessories

Router table accessories

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In a previous video I described how to make a router table and fence this article shows how to make some holding and safety accessories. My table and fence do not have channeling to hold accessories , but this is not a problem if you use the system I use here.
How to get a clean cut with the router.

How to get a clean cut with the router.

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There are various factors that can affect the quality of cut from a router, both hand held and in the router table. It often quite frustrating to find that whatever you do the cut is never as good as you would like. Hopefully this article will give a few pointers.

How to build a router table and fence

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These two videos show how I went about making a router table using a piece of kitchen worktop and an aluminium insert from Axminster Power Tool Centre and then went on to make an accurate adjustable fence for the table.

If you do not have a router table I would recommend either buying or making one, your router will be so much more useful with one.

JPEG drawings of the table and fence are supplied. Click here to download a sketchup drawing of the table and fence.

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Router skills

Router skills

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Five day course. The router is the most useful power tool in the workshop but many people fail to get the most out of it, mainly because it can be a bit unpredictable. On this course you will learn to tame your router! Enabling you safely to cut joints, shape parts, create mouldings, inlay and much more. Mastering the router means you can tackle much more complex projects.