Restoration of Georgian Marquetry side table.

Restoration of Georgian Marquetry side table.

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Although most of my work is making contemporary furniture and teaching I occasionally do some restoration. I thought I would share with you the work I did recently on this fine Georgian ripple sycamore and satinwood marquetry side table. The emphasis was on “conservation rather than restoration” as it would have been a pity to spoil the beautiful patina built up over centuries.

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Minor Repair to Hepplewhite Chair

Minor Repair to Hepplewhite Chair

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Although it is not my main line of work I am occasionally asked to repair antiques and I have a City and Guilds qualification in furniture restoration.

Yesterday I worked on this nice Herpplewhite style mahogany dining chair. It looked like an original rather than one of the common Edwardian copies. It had certainly seen many repairs over the years, fortunately most were very good repairs. The problem I had to deal with was a broken crest rail. A fairly straight forward job.

It looked like the rail had been repaired before as there was evidence of previous gluings. The glue residue needed to be removed to ensure good adhesion when I reglued it. The surfaces were wetted with warm water to soften the glue for removal. Wetting made some of the residues go white, indicating a recent repair using PVA.

The residues were removed using a scalpel point and chisel, being careful not to change the profile of the break.